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Should You Invest In Local SEO If You’re A Real Estate Agent?

Most real estate experts face constant hurdles in attracting new potential customers. However, while you may be lucky to get a few referred to you, you must make your way to the top of the rankings in listings to win in as many new clients as possible. Besides, most potential customers will prefer going online in search for help, than to referrals.

They may sometimes Google and contact the first few agents in their search results, but this won’t make significant profits to you as a realtor. Fortunately, we have a full-proof strategy that will boost your firm to that critical first spot. But before we get started, let’s take a look at why local SEO is important to you as an agent.

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The Benefits of Investing in Local SEO as a Real Estate Agent

  1. Google has replaced the Yellow Pages: Initially, real estate agents were only required to place an ad in the Yellow Pages to attract customers. Today, however, they must have an attractive website with high rankings to make as many sales.
  2. Free Traffic: Despite rapid changes, advertising is among the most significant expenses for many small businesses. Therefore, they get to earn a constant flow of free traffic that in turn converts into paying customers by boosting their Google rankings.
  3. Quick Results: Unlike large companies that must wait on average 6 to 12 months to see some results, you only compete with nearby real estate agents. Therefore, a targeted campaign could place you on the first page of major search engines in just a few days!

How to Invest in a Local SEO Strategy

  • Select Your Keywords: For example, you can choose to use keywords like ‘real estate agent,’ ‘real estate broker’ or even ‘realtor’; all the keywords reflect your services. Then, you should set up a free Google AdWords account, which gives you access to the free Google Keyword Planner tool. Your chosen keywords will now be put to the test, and you can see how much traffic they generate as well as additional related keyword suggestions. Now, you can draft your final keyword list. However, all keywords fall into two main types:
  • Buying Intent: These keywords give signals of imminent prospects. For example, a customer searching for ‘buy a house in London’ is probably looking to relocate. Thus, you should focus on buying intent keywords (that which can produce the fastest results), then feature them on your homepage and build your service pages around them.
  • Research Intent: These notify that a prospect is just shopping around; they could be looking to buy or sell a home. For example, a customer searching for home prices is probably still considering whether or not to buy a house. The keywords, however, don’t drive fast conversions and are thought of a lower priority. But again, you should not get rid of them yet as you can use them as blog posts. They can also introduce you to potential buyers who might come back when they are ready.
  • Optimize Your Keywords: With your final keyword list at hand, you can now optimize for them; either in your Google My Business page or from your website.

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Here’s How:

Google My Business

A Google My Business is a mini-website page that appears in the “Map’s” Google section. It is an overview of your company and can boost your rankings significantly than for the case of a website. For the best results, however, complete and verify the following:

  • Verification: Begin by claiming your business page and submit it to Google for confirmation. Your address, business name, and phone number must be both accurate and consistent across all the listings. The word ‘Verified’ will appear next to your business name after it is verified. But it is advisable to classify your business as local by giving a local contact number.
  • Categories: Google requires all businesses to focus on service delivery rather than on results. Therefore, you might want to try Real Estate Agency, Commercial Real Estate Agency or Rental Real Estate Agency, if you provide the services.
  • Description: A description precisely gives a brief introduction to your business, and ends with a call to action. Therefore, use a format similar to your company’s and say why customers should prefer you. You can offer free consultation services to attract more potential clients.
  • Hours: Constantly update your office hours should there be changes.
  • Images: Adding attractive photos can boost customer engagement, and dramatically show clients that you do a professional job. Therefore, add some sharp pictures of your office, staff, or even some of your satisfied customers to lure more customers to your side. You can also replace your Google My Business background photo with a branded logo.

Website Optimization

You can do this by optimizing your ‘score” pages (your service and homepage pages), then later optimize your “content” pages (the FAQs and the blog pages) for research intent keywords.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Homepage: The title tag is the most critical element on your website. It should, therefore, be formatted to feature your company name and its location, then, optimize your Meta description (the overview of your primary services) attractively. The visible headline must include your primary category and should be both descriptive and concise. The last element is your page copy; ensure it is vivid and well edited to give some brief information about your company.
  • Service Pages: Build a keyword-optimized page for each core service. Then, optimize them to be identical to your homepage, making sure to include the relevant keywords.
  • Find Citations and Links: After optimization, it is time to build your links and citations. These boost your Google rankings as well as your online reach. For instance, in your Citations (your online business directory), you can choose a comprehensive list to target your real estate company. As for Links, inbound them from authoritative websites to reach the highest Google rankings. Nonetheless, your business name, address and contact numbers must be identical in every listing.

However, while some directories may only accept paid listings, it is best if you study the Google Analytics before spending money, to settle for a site that can drive enough traffic and conversions. A tool such as the Moz Open Site Explorer will show you where other local real estate agents are finding their links.

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  1. Ask for Reviews: Positive customer reviews can convince prospects to try your services as well as to notify the Google that your business is legitimate. Sending emails to your satisfied customers with links to your Google My Business profile, and asking them to leave reviews will frequently give you a steady stream of new ones.
  2. Track Your Results: This allows you to estimate your local SEO strategy success as well as to identify the areas that need tweaking. There are various methods you can use in analyzing these results, but the following are the most important:
  3. Rankings: Google personalizes its visible search results according to the user’s previous browsing activities. A Google Search Console Can be a great place to start. Therefore, reinstall it and monitor your results every month. For better results, you can consider a paid rank tracking tool as it tracks your Google My Business page as well as your web pages and then provides automatically updated rankings from all of your SEO campaigns.
  4. Traffic: View your reports every month through Google Analytics; Google search can give you these results.
  5. Conversions: This is a specific action you want your visitors to perform; it could be calling for free consultations. In Google Analytics, you can track both your phone and web conversions, identify which drives the most conversions, and even get to know your highest and lowest conversion rates.

Now that you understand why a comprehensive local SEO strategy is crucial, you can make your way through to the top ranking and be ahead of your competitors. You could be the next successful realtor agent!